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A marble table support in the shape of griffins attacking a doe, once on view at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades

Criminals without Borders: Treating artefacts as commodities

Art will always attract criminals, not because they love it, but because there is a market for it. This 3-hour, 2 session, low participant-to-instructor ratio, eCourse will illustrate how stolen artefacts enter a complex network in which looters, middle-men buyers, distributors, auction-houses, and collectors, each varying in their motivations and opportunities, engage and or support the illicit art trade.
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2008 Syria Returns Seized Artefacts To Iraq

Looting and Illicit Trafficking of Antiquities in the Middle East and North Africa: Understanding the Minds and Motives of Looters, Traffickers and Dealers and Other Supply Chain Actors – v3

This three-session, 4.5-hour, low participant-to-instructor ratio, eCourse will provide an introduction to the devastating effects of the looting and trafficking of antiquities in the Middle East and North Africa. The course’s sessions will provide examples of conflict and post-conflict incidences with illustrative examples from multiple countries, from Afghanistan in the East to Libya in the West.
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Paint theft Recovery in Serbia

In sunlight or in shadow: The Modern Plague of Art and Antiquities Thefts – 3rd Edition

Contrary to popular belief art crime does not only affect a small privileged section of society. In actuality, the phenomenon is rooted in the history of mankind and has great impact on nations as well as individuals. 
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