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Paint theft Recovery in Serbia

In sunlight or in shadow: The Modern Plague of Art and Antiquities Thefts

Contrary to popular belief art crime does not only affect a small privileged section of society. In actuality, the phenomenon is rooted in the history of mankind and has great impact on nations as well as individuals. 

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John Myatt with his version of Girl with a Pearl Earring

Fakes and Forgeries: Understanding the Minds, Methods and Motives of Master Forgers – 2nd Edition

This six-hour, low participant-to-instructor ratio eCourse will illustrate how fakes and forgeries fall into their own individual category in the study of art crime, as the methodology, deceit and dupery of criminal forgers differ considerably from that of other criminals involved in art theft and antiquities looting.

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“Entry to Paris of works intended for the Napoleon Museum (Louvre)”, circa 1810-1813, porcelain vase decoration by Antoine Béranger

The emperor of thieves: Napoleon and the pillage of the Italian artistic heritage

In this two hour introductory lecture we will dive into the sacking suffered by Italy during the Napoleonic rule and how the return of treasures after the commander’s defeat set a model for museums today.

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