Program Location

Since its founding in 2009, ARCA’s Italy-based programs have been hosted in the centro storico of Amelia, providing an ideal setting to inspire  creative, intellectual, and personal development. Nestled in the rolling hills of central Umbria, Amelia is located 100 kilometers northeast of Rome, in the direction of Orvieto and Florence. ARCA’s library collection and study area facilities are situated in within the city of Amelia’s Biblioteca Comunale L.Lama.  Classes are held in the 14th century Franciscan Boccarini cloister.

Selected for its friendly, relaxed, small-town atmosphere, ARCA believes that Amelia is idyllic for committed students who seek to learn and explore Italy in a more comprehensive way. During programming, students have the opportunity to absorb the essence of Italy while focusing intently on their academic studies. Piazzas, café’s, and small shops serve as a living language laboratory where students can immerse themselves with Italian culture and become part of the fabric of the community.

Surrounded by monumental walls built between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE, Amelia is filled with winding cobblestone streets and alleyways dotted with Roman spolia (repurposed decorative stone) as well as Renaissance frescoes and wonderful Romanesque churches. Offering much in the way of regional cuisine and wine, past students have been particularly fond of morning cappuccinos, bufala mozzarella made fresh daily, porchetta, and regional pastas like pear and gorgonzola fiochetti, spaghetti al tartufo (truffles), and pappardelle with wild boar ragu.

Click to open PDF Map of the city of Amelia

 A drive through Amelia’s centro storico.