ARCA in the Press

Selected articles about the work of ARCA and its staff.

Guardian (10 July 2011)
ArtInfo (20 August 2011)

La Nueva Espana (July 2011)

El Publico (Spain, July 2011)

BBC The One Show (UK television) – Special on 1961 Goya Theft

BBC Front Row with John Wilson (UK, 11 August 2011)
El Norte (Mexico), Lourdes Zambrano (21 August 2011)

EFE (Spain), 50 años del robo de un Goya en la National Gallery por un taxista compasivo – Belen Palanco (21 August 2011)

LA Times (20 August 2011)
CNN, Laura Allsop (20 August 2011)

Wall Street Journal feature by Don Steinberg

Varsity (Cambridge, UK) – Article

EFE Spanish-language article on ARCA’s Masters Program Syndicated Worldwide:

CNN International – Spot the Fake: The Art World’s Pricey Problem with Forgery, by Laura Allsop

BBC Radio Four special on “The Carabinieri Art Squad” 9 June 2010, including an interview with ARCA founder Noah Charney

Dnevnik (Slovenia)

EFE America
Yahoo News (Argentina)
El Economista (Spain)
Ultima Hora (Spain)
El Confidencial (Spain)
Telecinco (Spain)
El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)
El Mundo (Spain)

TIME Magazine -Paris Heist

De Museos/Museum Time series – El Universal (Spain)

“The Dark Arts” ARCA’s Exhibition on Art Crime at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington DC featured on Foxnews

The New Criminologist Magazine
Yale Daily News Article
Yale Entrepreneur Magazine
NPR News report
Fine Arts Registry column

New York Times Magazine article

CBC Radio Q w/ Jian Ghomeshi Interview with Noah Charney (MP3)
Radio Interview with Walters Museum Director Gary Vikan on WYPR Baltimore

PDF (and image) Downloads:

B Inspired (Sweden, Fall 2010)

June 06 2010 from Corriere dell’Umbria, “Corriere del Umbria” feature on the ARCA MA Program, June 2010)

Vanity Fair – May 2010 (Italy)

Tendencias del Mercado (Spain)

Stern Magazine (Germany)

Primo, July 2008
(Dutch Magazine), Volkskrant, July 2008 (Dutch National Newspaper)
Page 1, Page 2

Diario de Noticias (El Pais)
El ladron (Deia, Spain)
Corriere della Sera magazine(Spain)
“Steal the World”, ABC, 2007 (Spain)

Vogue Spain, October ’07 Issue

Feature Art Theft (Asia)

Interview with Noah Charney (Dnevnik, Slovenia, Oct 09)
To Catch an Art Theft (Voices of Tomorrow, Slovenia)

CorriereARCA (Italy)
CorriereUmbria-26Aug09 (Italy)
CorriereUmbria-8July09 (Italy)
GiornalediUmbria-6June09 (Italy)
GiornalediUmbria-ConferenceArticle (Italy)
Messegero-9July2009 (Italy)
Vanity Fair (Italy)

LaRepubblica (Italy)

The Bund Pictorial, October ’07 Issue (China)

TIME – ‘Spirited Away’ (USA)
New York Times Magazine (USA)
The CRH Bulletin Profile (USA)
(Yale)Master’s Tea – Poster (USA)
Yale Daily News Article (USA)
ConnPost Article (USA)

NRC Next, October 18 ’07 Issue (Netherlands)

La Tercera Article (Chile)

EL NORTE article, Mexican Newspaper (Mexico)


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