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Writer in Residence

When possible the Association for Research into Crimes against Art honors distinguished and emerging writers specializing in art crime and cultural heritage preservation by inviting them to Amelia, Italy as the Association’s annual Writer in Residence.  Designed to promote critical and reflective writing and funded by ARCA supporters, The Amelia Writer in Residence Program reflects ARCA’s belief that the basis for any critical and comprehensive writing involves the opportunity for contemplation, research, collaboration, and support.

By hosting writers in residence, ARCA strives to create an intellectually stimulating home base for an author’s literary and research activities. Throughout this residence, the writer spends most of his or her time working on a literary project but also contributes to the intellectual community of ARCA’s postgraduate certificate program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection.  By sharing their scholarship and professional experiences, their presence and contribution has meaningful impact on this specialized program.

The Writer-in-Residence is chosen from candidates proposed by a Nominations Subcommittee, whose members have been selected by ARCA trustees and faculty. The Nominations Subcommittee proposes candidates whose work and character are known to them and selection is made by group consensus predicated on a writer’s professional standing in his or her field of specialization.  Heavy emphasis is placed on projects that promote and foster interdisciplinary cooperation in art protection and recovery.

While in Italy, authors are asked to contribute keynote lectures or to present at ARCA’s Annual Art Crime conference enriching the dialogue by speaking about their manuscript project or a topic of mutual professional interest to scholars and students in attendance.

Previous writers in residence have been:

Christos Tsirogiannis (2014)

Susan Douglas (2013)

Laurie Rush, (2012)

Neill Brodie (2011)

Larry Rothfield (2011)

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