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As a grassroots organization, ARCA relies entirely on public support to carry out its vital work. Some of our projects may be funded by grants, but the majority of our work depends on the generous contributions of individuals who donate their time and expertise to the association’s initiatives.   ARCA is a small but highly engaged organization that has made a significant impact both nationally and internationally by carefully managing our limited funds and harnessing the skills, energy, and connections of our dedicated staff and a large team of generous volunteers. Our success shows in our ability to tackle art crime and cultural heritage protection issues that are challenging in both degree of difficulty and scope of work.

Donations are instrumental in assisting us to protect the world’s rich artistic and cultural heritage both now and in the future. Your support will make a difference.

Any donation, regardless of size, will be gratefully received. For information about ARCA’s current tax status, please click here.

For further information, please contact us at:

support (at)