Sponsorship Through Diversity

In problem solving, it is necessary to include all voices from the greatest diversity of disciplines, cultures, professional backgrounds and approaches in order to better understand the fundamental links between art crime and looting and to safeguard the world’s patrimony for all the world’s cultures, not just those is Europe and North America.

To  achieve this, ARCA is dedicated to creating a climate of engagement and is actively seeking to enlarge the boundaries of diversity in our postgraduate programming through its strategic Minerva scholarship.  Awarded in early March, this scholarship is earmarked for needs-based students with specific academic and professional experience who are from underrepresented countries and/or occupations.

To date, the Association has had individuals from 21 nations participating in our Postgraduate Certificate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection.  We would like to do more.

By highlighting the crucial roles that under-represented groups play in experiencing, documenting, understanding, and solving today’s cultural property challenges, we can help more than a student.  You could help a whole country.

To talk to us about ARCA’s outreach initiatives, please contact us at:

support (at) artcrimeresearch.org