ARCA Awards

Since its founding, ARCA’s Board of Trustees and Editorial Board has honored outstanding individuals who are spearheading important works and new developments in the field of art crime and cultural heritage protection. ARCA’s annual awards are presented in four categories, recognizing outstanding work in:


  • Art Policing and Recovery: (usually goes to a police officer, investigator, or lawyer)

Past winners: Vernon Rapley (2009), Charlie Hill (2010), Paolo Giorgio Ferri (2011), Ernst Scholler, (2012)


  • Award for Art Protection and Security: (usually goes to a security director or policy-maker)

Past winners: Francesco Rutelli (2009), Dick Drent (2010), Lord Colin Renfrew (2011), Karl von Habsburg jointly with Dr. Joris Kila (2012)


  • Eleanor and Anthony Vallombroso Award for Art Crime Scholarship (usually goes to a professor or author)

Past winners:  Norman Palmer (2009), Larry Rothfield (2010), Neil Brodie (2011), Jason Felch jointly with Ralph Frammolino (2012),


  • Lifetime Achievement in Defense of Art: (usually goes to an individual or institution in recognition of many decades of excellence in the field)

Past winners: Carabinieri TPC collectively (2009), Howard Spiegler (2010), John Merryman (2011), George H. O. Abungu (2012)